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Special Tribute

On Saturday June 22, 2019, in the midst of much sadness and mourning, we celebrated the love, life and legacy of our dear vivacious, “tell it like it is” visionary leader, Madame President Felicia Malone.

Together with our Associates, Fathers, children, teens, Eastern Regional Director Mondi Kumbula-Fraser and National President Danielle Brown,  we honored Madame President Felicia Malone with much grace and dignity. The celebration of her life was beautiful. Her mom and family members were so very pleased with every gesture we made and the family support we continue to provide. God bless!!

Felicia was a dedicated driver of excellence. She was committed to uplifting the trajectory of all of our children across the community and she did it with whole lot of love, courage, candor, class and professionalism. She worked for the Administration for Children Services, and led projects for the Mental Health initiatives under the City of New York. President Felicia was all about “raising the bar” and taking things up to the next level, and she did it well. She served many roles in her earlier years including Recording Secretary,  Teen Advisor and Associate Chair. She was honored as a Distinguished Mother by the Region.  Right before her passing, she was preparing us to host Teen Conference 2020.

President Felicia spoke so lovingly and highly of all of her family and was especially proud of her husband Sean and her daughter Ashley with all their recent career moves and achievements in higher education.

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that our Madame President Felicia Malone is sitting at the right hand of our Heavenly Father with all of His angels looking down on all of us right now with her big bold beautiful infectious smile.


Respectfully and lovingly submitted,

Doris Simmons